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Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of FLY Leasing is committed to the establishment of a sound framework of corporate governance for FLY Leasing and its subsidiaries. The Board recognizes that it is accountable to shareholders for the performance of FLY Leasing and, to that end, is responsible for instituting a system of corporate governance that operates in the best interests of shareholders while also addressing the interests of other key stakeholders. Corporate governance and good governance procedures can add to the performance of a company, the creation of shareholder value and engender the confidence of the investment community.

FLY Leasing has a number of committees and policies in place to ensure good corporate governance.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) requires companies with listed shares to comply with its corporate governance standards. As a foreign private issuer, we are not required to comply with all of the rules that apply to listed U.S. companies. However, we have generally chosen to comply with the NYSE’s corporate governance rules as though we were a U.S. company. Accordingly, we do not believe there are any significant differences between our corporate governance practices and those that would typically apply to a U.S. domestic issuer under the NYSE corporate governance rules.

Following are links to our Corporate Governance documents.

Audit Committee Charter

Supplemental Code of Ethics for the CEO and Senior officers

Board Governance Document

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Compensation Committee Charter

Nominating And Corporate Governance Committee Charter